Bible Study Course (PT02)

The Bible: The Word of God


The Bible is God’s own word. It is God’s great gift to all people everywhere. God gave this gift to help us out of our sin, misery and darkness.

The Bible is not an ordinary book. Every word is true. It is filled with God’s own power and authority. The men who wrote it were inspired by the holy spirit. God moved them write exactly the truth as he gave it to them.

We should read our bible as if it was God Himself speaking to us directly and personally. By his word, God will give us many good things:

  • Light
  • Understanding
  • Spiritual food
  • Physical health

The words of the bible have the power to:

  • Cleanse us
  • Sanctify us (Set us apart to God)
  • Build us up
  • Make us sharers in God’s own nature
  • Give us power and wisdom to overcome the devil

Memory Verse (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

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