Bible Study Course (PT01)

“Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” 2 Timothy 2:15 (NIV)

Purpose of this Bible Course

This self-study course has four main aims:

  • To provide a foundation of bible knowledge on which to build a strong Christian life.
  • To give you practice in searching the scriptures and finding God’s promises.
  • To train you in analyzing scripture to find out for yourself its correct meaning.
  • To form in you the habit of accepting spiritual things only if they can be proven in the bible.

How to do the studies

  • At the start of each study there is a paragraph, headed “introduction”. This gives a brief summary of the main teaching that follows. Always read through the introduction carefully before attempting to answer questions.
  • In the first lesson, there are twenty-four questions. After each question there are references to one or more scriptures. Write your answer on the lines following each question. Follow these steps:
  • Read the question carefully.
  • Find the scripture and read it carefully until you find the answer to the question. You may need to read the verses before and after the one given to get the full meaning.
  • Sometimes the answer to one question is divided up into two or more parts.

Memory Verses

At the beginning of each study there is a memory verse. You must learn each passage by heart and stick it in your head. Always recite the memory verse where you go. Regular review is the secret to successful memory work. In this way you will learn the word by heart. God’s Word will give you guidance, strength, spiritual food, victory over the devil and seed to saw into the hearts of others.

Final Personal Advice

  • Begin each study with prayer, asking God to guide you and give you understanding
  • Do not rush. Do not try to accomplish the whole stud y at one sitting. Read through each passage of scripture several times until you are sure of tits meaning. It will often be helpful to read several verses before or after the scripture verse given in order to grasp its full meaning.
  • Pay special attention to the memory work.
  • Pray daily that God may help you to apply in your own life the truths that you are learning.

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