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The Speaking Life November 2023 Issue 1 πŸ“£Uploaded on 2023/10/15
The Speaking Life – October 2023 | Volume 1, Issue 10 πŸ‚Uploaded on 2023/09/22
The Speaking Life – September 2023 | Volume 1, Issue 9 πŸŽ™οΈUploaded on 2023/09/22
The Speaking Life – August 2023 | Issue 8 πŸƒUploaded on 2023/08/08
The Speaking Life – July 2023 | Issue 7 β˜€οΈUploaded on 2023/07/17
The Speaking Life – June 2023 | Issue 6 | June Edition 🌈Uploaded on 2023/06/05
The Speaking Life – May 2023 | Issue 5 πŸ“†Uploaded on 2023/05/12
The Speaking Life – April 2023 | Issue 4 🌸Uploaded on 2023/04/28
The Speaking Life – February 2023 | Issue 3 🌷Uploaded on 2023/02/10
The Speaking Life – January 2023 | Issue 2❄️Uploaded on 2023/01/19
The Speaking Life – January 2023 | Issue 1 πŸŽ‰Uploaded on 2023/01/03

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