A Mighty Deliverance at Kitebi Primary School

A Living Church speaking the Life of Christ Impacting Generations

Hallelujah. He reigns. It is no longer a secret… The formerly demonized Public Primary School is now set free. Thank God for Calvary. It is Kitebi Primary School in Kampala. For 3 years pupils have been tormented by evil spirits. The climax was FEBUARY-APRIL. It was all over the news. Witch-doctors even did public satanic rituals including sacrifices of cows, goats, sheep etc, but to no avail. WE INTERVENED WITH PRAYER. It was like Mount Camel contest. Pr Mark Kiyaga led the Praying team of pastors and intercessors. THE LORD DID A MIGHTY DELIVERANCE… triumph, witch doctors were stopped, their supporters on the staff given transfers, school is now back to normal, with new leadership that has reverence for Jehovah. Four of the stubborn cases were transferred to our church. I delivered them to their parents the following day FREE.